Hive size

  1. Kingfisher Apiaries
    Kingfisher Apiaries
    How many frames of brood/food/bees do y'all have this time of year?
  2. frysl
    Not many! lost two of my three hives to last weeks weather. I've reduced down to a hive body on the remaining hive. Went and bought a freezer to throw all the frames into for use later in the spring when the hive gets stronger. it was a shame to see all those eggs, larve and capped brood gone to waste.
    My ferals are building up well despite a winter that won't quit. My russians are barely hanging on with tiny clusters. The ferals are eating the hell out of my pollen sub. My russians won't touch it. Guess they would rather starve to death. I'm glad the russians work in other locations, but they aren't worth a wooden nickle out here.
  4. lupester
    I run all mediums so take that into consideration. My ferel bees have between 5-8 frames of brood. The Cordovan Italians are runnin 9-16 frames as of last weekend. The ferel bees have almost a whole super of honey left. The Cordovan's had zero...i have been feeding them 1 gallon a week.
  5. BCW5
    Last weekend, my Italian hive had about 3-4 frames of brood, and my Buckfast hive had around 2-3. I made a late split last year that seemed to hurt both hives as they seemed to be short on pollen and honey. They both made it through the winter and the queens are laying in a decent brood pattern.
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