1. Naturegoods
    Got the electric fence up and running tonight with plenty of bacon on it. Thank you for scaring me into getting it done Denise. I've got about 100yards of high tensil six strand and the a wire shoots off from that over to the bee yard. Duel grounding rods, my fence tester started to glow as it got close to the wire! Maybe that's how the goats seem to know which days they could walk right through the fence, it must make the nose tingle just before the spark jumps!
  2. Naturegoods
    When you're picking up fence supplies - be sure to get some of the black tubing they sell with electric fence stuff. As you string the fence wire I thread about an 8 inch piece of that tube on the wire between posts to provide a safe place to grab the wire when it is hot. When I step over the hot fence I always seem to grab that top wire and push it down a bit. On a tall fence you can make a place to pull up and push other down to step through. Any tubing would work I suppose but that black stuff lasts outdoors for a lot of years.
  3. Denise
    I picked up a fencer and wire at tractor supply, just gotta figure out how to put it all up! Ive got a dog kennel that I kept the bee's in, so Im going to reuse that, I bought clips for chain link fence to attatch the wire too, Im not sure what to do around the door though. I will figure it out once I get it put up. Im also moving the bee's out in the open of my yard more. They were inbetween some lilacs before, hidden from view. I live on a dirt road, do you think being to close to the road is a bad idea?

    Im nervouse about the fencing, Ive never put any up before, but I confident I can figure it all out...eventually
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