good bee trees

  1. chaseschoof
    please post a great tree for my 3 hives lol .
  2. USCBeeMan
    It depends on where you live and what you are looking for. Nectar/Pollen/Both.

    Black locust. Catapla (Catawba). Bee Bee. Tulip poplar. American Holly. Sourwood. Maples. Hackberry. Peach. Apple. Mulberry. PawPaw. Crape Myrtles.
  3. chaseschoof
    i live in tucson
  4. USCBeeMan
    Best place to ask would be in the Bee Forum or Bee 101. There are many beeks that live in the SW are on this website.
  5. franktrujillo
    This is what I do walk thru the nuserys when flowers are blooming and see what the bees are mostly attracted too..Drummond red maple (Acer rubrum drummondii
  6. USCBeeMan
    I have been wanting to put out a swarm bot behind Lowe's. The back of Lowe's is undeveloped because I think it is flood plain of the Stone's River. I always see a lot of bees on the flowers at Lowe's. Gotta remember to make and setup a trap back there.
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