In Need of someone to take over the group

  1. rw3212
    Well guys,

    Looks bad for me. I had 5 hives here at the house and 5 in an outyard.

    This was the last week of June.

    I just finished a late-summer check and have 1 serviving hive here and none in the outyard.

    One was full of dead and a large black widow, all the others are just empty, no bees, brood, honey. They were all being fed since the bloom slowed down and emptied 1 - 2 qts a week per hive.

    Guess I'm just not ment to be a beek, this is 3 years now and I can't afford to be rebuying all the time.

    Anyone interested in picking up the group let me know. I'll keep it going on a limited basis.

    Thanks and better luck to all of you.

    Answer back here as I have it subscribed to, and should be informed.
  2. TwT
    you shouldn't give up something you like, this happens to a few people but they some get hives that keep on going, I buddie had 6 hive that he would lose every year, he got out of beekeeping and sold all his stuff, I gave him a hive 2 years ago and told him to leave it alone, no meds and such, no kinda treatments at all and they would do fine, well the hive is still going and now he is buying equipment again, you should just be picky about what bee's you get and your luck should change. Goodluck!!!
  3. rw3212
    I can't keep spending money we need to life on the bees. I am on a small disability income and so far have lost $400 - $600 each year for the past 3 years on them. I had bees from Wilbanks, Rossman and bissybee gave me a nuk from his stock. All are gone, not dead just gone. No bees (dead or alive), no honey, no brood, only the wax left and the moths have taken that over since the bees have been gone. I still have the woodenware and will keep it for a while. Maybe in a couple years I'll try again, God willing. For now though I am getting away from the hassle. It's not fun anymore, time for a break.

    Thanks for the good words, I hope all goes well for you.

  4. Bizzybee
    Sheesh!!! that really sucks Ron!!

    I haven't been messing with the bees much lately but I do know that all of them are holding bees just fine. I'll probably start feeding em soon and get em started up. No idea when I'll have any nucs split off later but your welcome to one or two if you want to give it a go??

    Send me a PM if you're interested so I get it in my email. Don't get by here much these days.

    Pro-bono of course. We beeks gotta back each other up now and then ya know.......

    Hate to see you thrown in the towel!!

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