Painting with olive oil

  1. MSbeekeeper
    So I have read to use olive oil in place of paint or stain. What are your thoughts and how well does it preserve the wood?
  2. gingerbee
    I don't know about olive oil but have heard of others who dip their equipment using a rosin/wax mix that is supposed to preserve better than paint.

    Here's the thread
  3. franktrujillo
    uh i never heard that ill try it this spring on a split
  4. Dinor
    Olive oil will not dry! I tried it once by heating it and melting in a little beeswax. It was still wet weeks later and I ended up rubbing it all off with a cloth. Best to use linseed oil with a little wax.
  5. franktrujillo
    thanks dino for the info,I will not try it. lenseed oil how is the bees reactions to the oil?do they act ok around the hive?
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