Bad year

  1. pamlico
    I checked my hives today, and to my surprise I found very little honey. How are you doing? Do I have a problem with my bees or are others having the same problem?
  2. tct1w
    Pamlico did you extract anything before this season? Now no stores? If not and your bees are healthy I dont have much of an idea. The spring was tough with all of the rain but it ended up OK. I extracted 4 or 5 gallons on two hives. Now I think the dearth is starting. At least it is here. I have started feeding and they are taking it. Little sourwood around here but not enough,so check the stores in the hives and start feeding if no nectar coming in. CU Dave
  3. pamlico
    no I have not taken any this year. It is a question!!
  4. Janus
    I'm a hobbyist beekeeper on the Lower Cape Fear. Had a very slow start this season, but one of our hives has already yielded nearly 100 lbs of honey. Others are doing fairly well even after multiple swarms.
  5. peletier
    It looked like we were off to a good start.....extracted about 10 gallons from 5 hives a month ago ( 5 other hives had no surplus). But the flow has stopped. They are not eating stores yet but I expect that to happen before the goldenrod flow (if there is one). There is a bit of surplus on some of the hives now but they seem to be having trouble getting it capped.
  6. shughes
    we had a decent year considering Don Hopkins mentioning the honey yield is 60% of what the normal amount is. We are still building up our super comb so we saw increases since we have more drawn comb this year. We pulled 1200lbs from a possible 20 hives. A few hives did not produce and we had one hive produce 210lbs surplus so it was a wide range. most hives gave us 2 full supers. All of it was Tulip Poplar.
  7. heaflaw
    I've been keeping 15-20 hives. My spring crop was terrible-only 6 gallons. But for the first time ever I am getting a good summer crop. I am in the process of extracting about 20 gallons. The honey has a strong bitter taste. Does anyone know what it might be? Soybeans maybe? (I'm north of Charlotte)
  8. hpm08161947
    This week I took about 60 lbs off 3 hives and left about 120 lbs with the hives. I just got these hives in May (established hives) so this was my first honey harvest.... It all seem to happen at once - when the soy beans blossomed,.... so I guess this is all soybean honey. Not bitter at all.
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