how has your year been?

  1. bees in ballard
    Hi all,
    Just wondering how things have gone for others in the NW.

    I started my package on tax day this past April, since then it has been one of the most enjoyable ongoing events of my life.

    The primary goal was to get them started in a nuc, then set up an observation hive. Well they did so well in the nuc, I decided to have a full size hive in the back yard first, so the observation hive is on hold till spring next year.

    They did great for a bit but then the Queen went missing, anyhow, they made a new one and after about a month they were on their way once again.

    At this point they are fully built out in 2 deeps and have a super about half full, I may steal a bit from the super if they cap a bit more.
    Still today they are bringing in lots of pollen and stores.

    The varroa mite count was a bit higher than it should be, so I will dust with powdered sugar a few times in the coming weeks.

    I would love to hear how things have gone for you all also.

    Thanks, ja.
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