Flow Dates

  1. TwT
    I am thinking of taking about 25-30 strong hives to the mountains this year for Sourwood flow, does anyone else here take their hives north for sourwood flow and if I remember right that flow starts in mid to late June, when do you take your hives up north for this flow and how has it been and any bear experiances?
  2. rw3212
    I have no information on this. I have heard a few people mention that they where thinking of doing this, but so far none have done it.

    Maybe you should ask in the commercial forum on the main board. If you find out anything please report back to us, OK?

    I would like to do this someday. Right now it is simply a matter of developing sustainable colonies.
  3. rw3212
    No info on this one I guess.

    Is anyone having any flow right now?

    I hear that some sumac is blooming, but I haven't seen anything outside the yard blooming.

    We are having some clover bloom on the dutch white clover.
  4. jlovell
    Can anyone who has knowledge post what the flow is for georgia, specifically Middle Georgia and the Atlanta area? Curious when the dearth of summer hits and if there is a fall flow at all here? Have several responses via PM from some of the local Georgia Beek's but wanted to ask this here and see what the rest of you say.
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