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  1. wxton
    Hi my name is Britt. I am 37, a full time land surveyor and a partime beekeeper. I wish the scenario was the other way around. I live in Boston, GA just like Dennie but unlike Dennie, I only have 4 hives...maybe 7 if you include the 3 Dennie wants me to tend to while he is gone. Hope you had a safe trip.

    I have had bees for the past 3 years. Actually extracted one super today and got about 25 pounds out of 8 supers (Had one out of nine that was not capped). I hope to increase my hive numbers signifigantly over the next couple of years and also start making woodenwear after my shop is finished. Nice to bee on here with all you folks.
  2. rw3212
    Hi Ted and Britt,

    Glad you could join us. It is so good to hear that everyone is having a good year so far. Lets hope that the remainder of the summer is as productive and the winter does us well.

  3. samuri0027
    Hi, my name is David Dixon

    I been addicted to honeybees for 8yrs now.

    Worked honeybees with my uncle when I was 15 and 16 during summer . Thought it was the craziest thing in the world, untill I turned 30 and bit the bug.

    Southeast GA, Patterson is our location, been here for 4yrs, had honeybees in PA.

    My wife and son help with extracting and grafting. is our website.
  4. ga.beeman
    hello my name is david I live in Rome Ga. I have around a 100 hives and trying to learn how to raise a few queens. I put my my bees on wildflower around home and around the second week of June I will move them up in the mountains for Sourwood Honey.
  5. rw3212
    Well David and David welcome aboard,

    Glad to have you guys with us. I have heard so much about the sourwood honey, but never experience it myself. Guess I'll have to locate some and give it a shot. Most of mine comes from poplar, privet and sumac. I do get some kudzo in the fall, it is rather unique.

    Anyone have any topics we can argue

    Are the pond and lakes recovering in your areas?

    How are the wildflower and berrys doing for ya?

    What is your most productive crop?

    What other activities do you like...
    the wife and I like to go brim fishin whenever possible

  6. devdog108
    got my package today from S Ga....looking good
  7. rw3212
    How many times have you been into the new hive?
    I know it is tempting, but give the about 2 weeks to get rolling.
  8. jlovell

    My name is Jay and I'm a new beekeeper this year. I'm in the Metro Atlanta area over in the Decator Area. Got my hives on May 1st. Somewhat late in the season. One is real strong (ie exploding bees), the rest are medium strength.

    Not seeing a lot of brood production now but that may be due to the fact that we're into July and things are heating up. Feeding pretty regularly to make sure hives grow and make it through the winter. Don't expect to get any honey this year. May harvest one frame just to see, but I'd rather make sure the bees make it through the winter so maybe not.

    Definitely an interesting hobby.
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