Hello from Murrells Inlet

  1. sfisher
    Hello, my name is Steve, and I live in Murrells Inlet. This year will be my first try at beekeeping. I picked up 2 nucs of Italian bees in Wilmington today. I am starting off with 2 hives, all medium foundationless frames. I just want a backyard hobbie, of trying to raise bees naturally. I hope this S.C. site grows, because it sure is hard to get info on beekeeping in S.C.
  2. fhlowrimore
    Hello Steve.
    My name is Henry and I live 25 miles from you (Georgetown). I have read your Posts. I see you have a plan,thats good. Welcome to SC Beekeepers.
    Hope things went well in installing your nucs. Hope your neighbors want be
    any problem for you and your beekeeping.
    fhlowrimore@sc.rr.com Good Luck,Henry
  3. sfisher
    Henery do you work at the winyah plant? I lived in georgetown for about 15yrs. I used to be the animal control officer for the city of georgetown.

    I have 2 hives on a 1 acre lot with a 6 foot wooden fence going all the way around it. I also hope the bees wont bother the neighbors.

    I put another box on top of the bees today with a hive top feeder. They were already at work this morning bringing in yellow pollen. Steve
  4. beekeepinglady~SC
    Hello and welcome to beekeeping in SC. I know you will enjoy it. Beekeeping is a very rewarding hobby. I live in the upstate and have been keeping bees for 2 years now. South Carolina has a state beekeeping association you can get lost of information from them also check to see if your county has a association most do if not try starting one, that's what I did in our county. We just started in Jan of this year and it's going great. Good luck to you and your bees.
  5. fhlowrimore
    Hello Steve and Anna,
    Steve I do work at Winyah in operations( boiler, generator,switchyard). Keep your hives tight with not much empty space inside. Henry
  6. sfisher
    I will keep them tight for shb. I checked them today, they are 8 frame mediums, with foundationless frames. They had about 3 empty frames in the second box each. I was tempted to add another box of empty frames, but I fegured I better wait till next week. What pointers do you have for fighting shb? The guy I bought my nucs from uses west beetle traps. He puts 2 in ever other box, and 1 inbetween. I would appereciate any help you could give me, since you are the closest beekeeper to me. By the way Stephen Westbury is my brother-in-law, he retired from winyah 6-8 years ago. I worked out at the plant on the clean up crew, when I was a teenager.
  7. fhlowrimore
    Hello Steve and Anna,
    My hives are on 12' long stands 12" off ground. 4 Hives sits on two runs of
    2x6 18" apart. Open air screened bottom boards with oil pan traps. Entrance reduced to 6" for easier control by guard bees. Two 10" boxes for brood. Wired Queen Excluder then supers as needed.It probably will take second season to collect surplus honey.
    I start each box with 10 frames. After comb is made I swap boxes with spacer bar boxes for 9 frames. This method is good when uncapping comb
    honey to use in honey extracter. My extracter is 9 frame motorized, it took
    me 19 years to reach this level . Left out tons of things that is worth
    mentioning. Best Regards, Henry
  8. USCBeeMan
    Hello everyone. Sfisher, I use to go to Murrles Inlet a lot to eat seafood while at MB. Stil go to MB every year but I stay at NMB now so I don't get down that far to eat. But I still go to the flea market in Surfside at least once ever visit to MB.

    Like TN, but I miss SC still after almost 13 years. It's like a piece of me is missing even though I enjoy living in TN. TN doesn't have the diversity in foods that we have in SC especially when it comes to seasoning. Cook a catfish stew every once in a while. In fact I cooked one a couple of weeks ago. Have not had 1 TN person that didn't love the stew and go back several more trips.

    Getting harder to get back for the USC football games and visiting my family.
  9. perriwa
    Hello from the upstate, does anyone with bees still hang out here?
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