Hive Personalities

  1. cotterwood

    I've found FOR CERTAIN that my two hives have distinctly different personalities. One pretty much doesn't mind WHAT I'm doing, inspecting, making structure improvements, etc.
    The other doesn't like any messing around and doesn't hesitate to let us know. Really funny. I have painted each hive a different color; one yellow and one lavendar. My husband
    says "you'd be cranky too if somebody made you live in a lavendar house'. Sula, MT
  2. bethesdasprite
    Your husband is a wise man Cute post.
  3. HickoryHillHoney
    We just got our first hive last week. Weather was good enough to inspect and observe and they just seemed to leave us alone (whew!). However, with that said, we are looking into beesuits for when its time to start opening the top up, etc. Any suggestions on clothing? Also, we are in Northern Texas! Thanks, Tracey.
  4. perriwa
    I've got 12 full hives and 4 nucs and been working them since June of this year and have found that every hive has its own personality. I have 6 that will let me do certain things but the rest have to be smoked to get into them. I have a lot of Russian bees and they just don't like to be bothered but the Italian bees seems to not mind me messing with them.
  5. nobull56
    I now have two hives and the cut out that's working on becoming a hive. Each one has its own distinct personality with the cut out acting like they could care about nothing!

    I had good luck on eBay for my bee suit. There was a purple be suit that nobody wanted shipping and all was $50.
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