Those darn mites

  1. blueribboncookies
    We had some troubles with our older son this fall, so I didn't get my bee chores done timely. SIGH! Those insipid mites really do stress the bees! Our state apiarist came out for a look-see and - AIGH!! - two of our five hives were on the decline.
    - dying older brood and pupae
    - spotty brood pattern
    - lots of dead bees outside the hives
    - several bees with deformed wings
    - population decline
    So the mites were making a mess and there was a chance that it could be Eur Foul Brood, too. The apiarist suggested that I do a late mite treatment and treat with an antibiotic. I did not want to use an antibiotic! But it was either that or plan to lose the hive this winter. I treated and the hives seem to be rebounding well. So much for trying to be treatment-free. Maybe getting back on track with bee chores and we won't have to treat next season.
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