Anne, where is everyone?

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  1. blueribboncookies
    Welcome, cade10!

    Keeping your bees on a trailer - wow! Being in town we haven't had to deal with that. Do they give you notice when they are going to spray? Then how far do you move the bees?
  2. cade10
    I have the hives registered with the state sensitive crop directory and the location marked, I keep in contact with the small air sprayer business and the other applicators so they let me know when they are spraying in my section - within a mile or so. I just strap the hives down, wait till dark and move them 6 miles up the road to a friends place on the outskirts of another town and leave them there for a few days till the main residual effects from the insecticide are done.
    Alot of the stuff they spray has a residual of a few days to a week or more but the effectiveness is really much less after a few days and the bees are only after the flowers,not munching the plants so this has worked alright for me as a way of avoiding getting the hives sprayed or having to cover them for an extended period.
    It is a tricky balancing act all in all but it is hard to avoid pesticides as the bees forage about 3 miles from the hive give or take a bit.
  3. weldingfreak6010
    I am a new guy to bees very interested in bees went to my first bee club meeting couple weeks ago "back to basics beekeeping" or something like that. always wanted to keep bees but then i was this ad in the paper and that started it all. her is a link to first post here
  4. LeonardS
    We have a pretty quiet group here! I have one hive that is still taking about 1/2 gallon of syrup per week in a gallon feeder and another that is taking about a gallon per week from a Mann Lake top feeder. My third hive is not taking any syrup. The way the temperatures are looking, I may take off the feeders on Saturday before the big cool down on Sunday and Monday. Then I plan to wrap the hives after Thanksgiving and put on my candy boards with top entrance as well as a 2" foam insulation board under the telescoping cover. What is everyone else up to?
  5. blueribboncookies
    Yes, I see about the same amount of sugar being used ... glad to see they are still using it! I also see a lot of activity when it warms up each day.

    By the way, sugar is on sale at Fareway for $1.68 for 4 pounds. The ad runs from Nov 7 for a week.

    If you beeks know of anyone who would be interested in joining this group, please invite them to join!
  6. LeonardS
    I pulled my feeders today and put on my candy boards with two 7/16" holes for an upper entrance. I also put two inches of pink foam insulation under the telescoping covers. The plan is to wrap the hives with 15lb roofing paper on Thanksgiving weekend. Then I'll hope for a nice winter!
  7. LeonardS
    FYI, sugar was $1.58 per 4 lbs when I stopped at Aldi's this morning. I won't need it this Fall, but I will in the Spring.
  8. steer53

    Kevin Mathias here and live in zone 5 in southwestern Minnesota. 2nd year in the bees and got more involved this year. Looking forward to next spring where i can try some more nucs and do some splitting.
  9. blueribboncookies
    Welcome Kevin! I'm in zone 4ish/5 as well. What weather, eh? Predicted in the 50s and 60s here this week.

    Today we sort of wrapped the bees for winter - tar paper only. We left the paper open at the top as we still might need to get into the hives one more time to feed. The girls are still taking sugar water. One or two are bringing in pollen - from where? Maybe a bouquet on someone's porch??

  10. LeonardS
    I decided to post on this message, so some of you would see it. How do your bees look? All 3 of my hives are alive and seem to be healthy. They are at the top of the hives and eating from my candy boards so I am glad I put those on the hives last Fall. I ordered Apivar and plan to use that to treat for mites as soon as it warms up. I am going to purchase a few packages of bees and do a couple splits. I am hoping to have 8-10 hives going into next Fall. I built lots of equipment this Winter, so I am ready when the bees are. I picked up 20 lbs of yellow sweet clover, 5 lbs of white Dutch clover, 1 lb of birds foot trefoil and several lbs of wild flowers.....hopefully I can help the bees this Summer. The Ankeny bee class finished up last week and I hope Andy will offer an intermediate class next year. Fill us in on your plans for this Summer.
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