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  1. julysun
    Hello group. I have great interest in information, discussion and news about beekeeping (as a hobby) in the Houston Metro area. Looking forward to reading about your beekeeping.
  2. kfricker
    julysun - kfricker here in south Florida joined your group. Have unexpectedly caught a few swarms in an old plant pot turned upside-down and passed them along to a local rescue keeper down here. What kind of hives to you use in so tx? I plan on keeping the next swarm and was looking at a Warre (usual question screen bottom or not) or a KTBH. Not sure I want to micromanage so the Warre looks good. Your thoughts from hot and humid Houston would be great.
  3. smccabe
    Hello SETX Group - Down here in Brazoria, 12 miles from the Gulf Coast. This year I am noticing vast blooms of yellow flowers in the old prairie areas = like outside of Bayou Bend State Park. Not so rich in my immediate surroundings, just goldenrod. I have not had my plant books with me when driving around, so I don't know what they are.
  4. Tom Brueggen
    Tom Brueggen
    Hello to all. I guess since I started this group I should participate. Sorry, I kind of forgot I ever did it

    Smccabe: Not sure what your yellow flowers are. Can you give more detail? Or did you find out?

    I have another question: any idea what's putting out pollen now, in mid-January? All my hives are bringing in a light yellow-gray pollen. I don't think it's pine yet, it's not as green in color anyway. Just curious. It's great to see the girls bringing in protein like this, as it should spur the queen to keep laying, so long as there is also honey. I've been feeding sugar syrup to my weaker hives, and didn't want to put on alternative protein or pollen parties, so I'm glad there is a natural source. I just don't know what it is? Perhaps I need to get out the ol' plant books too!
  5. smccabe
    I never did take the time to go up to Damon or Brazos Bend with my flower book. Next year.
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