Virginia Beekeepers

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  1. rtsquirrel
    Richmond beekeeper, looking for a nuc. Any ideas? Don't want to drive hours.
  2. rtsquirrel
    Where'd you move from? I'm from Santa Cruz, CA.
  3. HVH Jr.
    HVH Jr.
    By nuc, I assume you mean the hardware? What kind of hardware do you currently have? What do you intend to do with the nuc? Just curious. I might have some suggestions, depending on your answers.

    California is a fantastic place for keeping bees. To answer your question, I moved from NV. (Yes, I know... perfect place for bees... the desert...)
  4. HunnyMunny
    Hi Everybody! Just starting my second year as a hobbyist in NoVA. I'm trying to get my folks down in Hanover to let me put some hives on their land, too. Some of my coworkers think it's a weird hobby but I find it really rewarding and I'm looking forward to my very first harvest later this year.
  5. bnm1000
    Hey Everyone - new hobbyist located in Roanoke, VA on Twelve O'clock Knob (Elevation 1,768'). I currently have one Warre Hive (foundationless vertical hive), and will be expanding to a 8-frame medium hive (standard frames). Am interested in learning as much as I can - especially interested in the timings of various nectar flows. Last year I didn't see any honey bees at my place, though I would think this area would be prime forage area with its woodlands, wild flowers, etc.
  6. Irmo
    Hi all, bumping this thread. I'm starting my 3rd season in NoVA. Or hoping to, it's pretty cold out there right now....

    I have 3 hives and a nuc wintering.
  7. PVaHokie
    Powhatan County here. We have a pretty big beekeeping organization here - with probably 100 members or so. Richmond also has a pretty good club as well but I've not attended their meetings. This is our first year keeping bees and I am hooked. Will be expanding next year if things continue to progress and we over winter well.

  8. Wendellww
    Hello Virginia Beekeepers! Wendell here from Bedford Va - newbie this year with 2 hives. Since I am new, could everyone introduce themselves?
  9. John Davis
    John Davis
    Also in Powhatan, will have nucs for sale in the spring. Send PM if interested. Medium frame only.
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