how are your bees

  1. Ben Little
    Ben Little
    Lets see some pictures of the hives if you have any or just some updates : )

    i now have 4 Nucs 2 from Foote farm and 2 from Kevin Spicer.

    i have a group on facebook called "The Little Bee Farm" with a bunch of pictures. look for Ben Little

    the only issues i am having is 1 hive from Footes has a queen cell and it has royal jelly and 1 from kevin might have a missing queen, i won't know until my next inspection, i just got Kevins on may 27

    still trying to figure out what to do with the supercedure cell : (

    Ben Little
  2. Tiwilager
    Mine are doing pretty well. I got 2 nucs from Foote on May 16th and so far one has started to pull comb on both sides of the original 4 frames (only 1/2 of the frame though). The other is the same, except the just started the outside of one of the frames as well.

    Here are my 2 favourite pictures:
    The first is new comb they have drawn and the second has a queen in the upper left.
  3. Tiwilager
    Are you feeding your bees Ben?
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