New Central Texas Beekeepers Group

  1. KatGold
    Howdy Central Texas Beeks!

    I just started this group because it didn't exist and I wanted it to. I want to learn as much as possible about and from the local community (as well as our world wide community . But I've got to tell you, I am probably the most unlikely person to be heading this group. I have only been keeping bees for 8 weeks and I have so many questions and few or no answers.

    So, maybe we can make this a fun group in spite of my green status. Or, maybe one of you would rather be the admin for this group (which would be super) and I'll hand over the reins to you.

    Keep in touch,
  2. tracey128
    Hi KatGold
    I just joined Beesource today,my second try.
    I started using the computer in earnest when I started to research keeping bees. THANK GOD, I have gotten better at both!
    I live in Wixon ValleyTexas and have been keeping bees for about 4 years now and have enjoyed every second of it. Make no mistake-it is work, tho' joyful work.
    I started with 2 colonies -langstroth hives. I bought a few more here and there, gathered a few swarms here and there and have removed a few here and there.
    I have about 20 now.
    Hope you enjoy your experience!
  3. TexBob
    A little overwhelmed! I got my first NUC just a week ago. I found my way here mostly by accident and not having been active in forums before I was surprised to see so many members of the main forum!
    I did my first full hive inspection today since installing the NUC. The bees were amazingly docile and paid little attention to me as I looked at Larva in various stages, cell with pollen, and various capped cells. I did not find the queen but feel she must be there.
    Lots to learn!
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