The Bees are Awake!

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  1. headpainter
    Ok thanks. I'll give that a shot. I saw a tv news thing in memphis where they had to cut out a 4 foot by 4 foot hive in al older house. They indicated it was a new swarm that recently moved in but I don't think the average swarm can generate that much comb in just a few weeks. Probably an existing colony that had been there at least a year or more. Ben
  2. paintingpreacher
    I have not heard of or seen a swarm since the call in Tupelo two weeks ago. I thought they would be swarming heavy by now. I have not seen any capped swarm cells in my hives to this point. The warm weather caused them to use up most of their stores so I wonder if that slowed them down. Each year I catch a lot of swarms in April and May so I suppose they are right on time. I just thought with the early warm weather they would be ahead of schedule but maybe not. Anyone seeing many swarms?
  3. bwhitecpa
    I haven't heard any speak of a swarm in any of the surrounding areas...the only talk has been on this thread.
  4. headpainter
    Up till today, I have had 8 swarms from my own hives. 1 was too high to box, 1 I boxed only to have them leave (all I had was plastic frames, and they didn't like them) and the other 6 I managed to get in nucs or 10 frame boxes. I had 1 trap out of a house, and 1 cut out of a front porch column that was taken down for access. I don't see why I'm getting all the action. I may try to level out my apiary at 10 hives or so. I have 17 now and I may sell off a few if anyone is interested or knows someone that may be.
  5. bwhitecpa
    Caught my first swarm this afternoon! Actually, I'm not quite sure when I caught it...I came home from a weekend of visiting the in-laws in Arkansas and noticed a swarm of bees that had taken up residence in one my winter dead-outs.

    That's easy beekeeping! Now I just have to get them off my porch before I have to join them in the hive!
  6. headpainter
    Yea, you really gotta like it when you get a swarm like that! I have had that happen a couple of times and it is so nice when they do the work for you. I need to get busy and build some more hives. I've been putting a few supers on and the bees seem to be having a great year so far. I see some areas are getting some snow even as far down as Tennessee lately. Kind of makes me wonder if we are gonna have an ice storm in July. LOL. Ben
  7. bwhitecpa
    Got another this afternoon, not so easy this time though. 10-12 ft off the ground. I really need to get a ladder for this stuff, I stacked three deeps in my truck bed so I could stand on top and get it. Wow what bundle of bees though!

    Also, I've noticed these past few swarms have coincided with the privet hedge bloom. Our privet flow just started last week, so that couldn't be the catalyst...I suppose it had to be something three weeks ago that really got them booming?
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