1. TxFirefighter
    We need to ramp up the activity on this part of the forum.
    How's everyone's bees doing? Post your bloom dates...etc etc.
  2. eliahu
    i am doing well. you?
  3. BCW5
    My hives made it through the winter. I am going to check them out this weekend.
  4. Steven Ogborn
    Steven Ogborn
    I lost one hive during that long cold snap back in December.
  5. Steven Ogborn
    Steven Ogborn
    I agree. There needs to be more activity.
  6. tbonekel
    I caught my first ever swarm Memorial Day weekend. I have them in their perm. home now. I started beekeeping with one hive two years ago, but it didn't survive the winter. Now I just have this swarm hive. I hope it survives. So far the queen looks great and the brood pattern looks good. After about two weeks, I have two frames about 70% full of brood so I have high hopes for this one. I hope we can all keep talking it up in this group. I just joined. Glad to find it!
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