1. Sundance
    Welcome to the North Dakota Beekeepers group.

    The goal here is to establish a group of beekeepers
    to discuss issues that impact us. Sometimes radically
    different that other regions of the country.

    Another goal would be to establish a network of help
    and possible exchange/sale of brood and queens.

  2. Bee Kid
    Looks like this group hasn't been posted on in a long time. I'm from Eastern Montana, close to the North Dakota border. I'm not really in North Dakota but our climate is about the same so I figured I'd join this group.
  3. arlo_bakker
    I've been perusing Beesource for the past few days and then came across this group. I am entering my third summer keeping bees in North Dakota. I ended the season last Fall with 73 hives. The few I retained here have had some losses (at least one live one during the last mild weather) and I have to wait until late March to see how my remaining hives have fared in Texas. I have been experimenting with queen rearing and making splits. My hope is to grow my numbers to at least 100 hives this summer and to build a shed in which to overwinter the bees...
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