Local Info.

  1. PCM
    Perhaps information of local concern can be posted here.

  2. TheRock83
    Hey everyone, new beekeeper this year in Pettis county. Started with two packages and then a split someone gave me. No honey whatsoever, any ideas. I went and moved two colonies to 600 acres of soy bean fields that were planted during a month long period so I figure I have a good 5, 6 weeks of flowering of beans in that area, but I haven't checked them yet. How is everyone else doing on their harvest or am I the only one with nothing. By the way the two packages were commissioned mid April. and the split mid June.
  3. rustyshoe
    SEMO says HI, I need information on feeders, I am looking to purchase a top hive feeder, from Dadant for $24, 3gal, polystrene, any down side to this feeder??
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