Western Kentucky queen rearing

  1. honeybeealex
    This will be my first year at attempting to rear my own queens and I would like to know If anyone could give me a rough date at when the earliest time that I could start?

    Thank you
  2. Queen Breeder
    Queen Breeder
    There is no exact date on when to start the prosess.
    Depending on what your circumstances are thats when you should start.
    You need a good drone population, pollen build-up, good build up and also if ther are queen cells already in some hives. If you would like to make profit then when you see these signs you should start.

    Hope it helps!
  3. timgoodin
    How is your queen rearing coming along?
  4. olky
    hoenybeealex, how is your queen rearing going? will start grafting here this weekend, hopefully things will go well.
  5. Mark Donathan
    Mark Donathan
    Getting virgin queens is easy...getting them mated is the problem when you do it too early....You want to get queen matings to coincide with your swarm time.
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