Worker got I. Queen cage

  1. Beeoncarr
    I just put my bee package in the hive and when taking out the cork to replace it with a marshmallow a worker got in the queens cage. What might happen in this case?
  2. Tool
    I dont know if youve had an answer anywhere else, but hopefully I can help out.

    To the point... from what I understand, there should be no problems. sometimes there are attendant bees that may be shipped in with the queen, I dont know the reason. But also she should be out in a day or so, so I would not stress it. HOWEVER, make sure that check soon, and hopefully you have the cage placed properly, if the other bee died before she was out, and fell and blocked the hole not allowing her to get out, you could run into problems. So keep an eye on it.
  3. roaddog
    thats why you put it in candy side up
  4. debcst5823
    Good point some videos I say on youtube had workers with the Queen in a cage
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