wax moths and SHB

  1. headpainter
    Well, I had a pretty good spring catching the swarms and doing cut-outs and have them in 10 frame boxes. I have 9 hives so far and have a couple that have had a problem with the moth and beetle. I built some screened bottom boards and installed them. They are doing their job as there are dead SHB in the oil bath trays under the screen. I decreased the entrance opening so as to allow the bees to be able to defend their hive from the moth. How else does someone fight off the wax moth?
  2. paintingpreacher
    I believe the best defense of the wax moth is a strong population of bees. The wax moth seems to hit colonies after they have swarmed or maybe lost their queen. If the population of bees is down I will remove boxes so the bees have less territory to defend.
  3. headpainter
    All these bees are from this year and most are still in the 1 hive body only. The ones I have added another box to are the really strong ones. I reduced the opening to give the bees a smaller opening to defend on the weaker hives (2) but they are only building on 3-4 frames and probably should be in a NUC box. I watched the other night on one of the strong hives when a moth was trying desperately to get in but the bees at the opening just kept shutting it out. So that's when I reduced the main opening on thew weaker ones. Thanks, Ben
  4. paintingpreacher
    On those smaller swarms I encourage them to build out all the frames by giving them sugar syrup. If the queens are good they will fill up with bees pretty quickly and be able to handle the wax moth. I like to keep the sugar syrup in them until they have at least filled one box. If the swarm is a large one they usually do not need the syrup IMO.
    Good Luck!
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