Flow over????

  1. theriverhawk
    Well, my girls really packed it in during March, April and early May. But WOW have things slowed down in the last 2 weeks. Seems a little early for the flow to be over. Anyone seeing similar?
  2. fant214
    I haven't seen a slow down yet, I would think its just getting started i hope.
  3. theriverhawk
    Tulip poplars have pretty much finished blooming here between Chelsea and 119. The dutch white clover is not blooming this year like past years thanks to this early heat.
  4. jlk
    just bottled up four supers from two hives, they did really pack it in early this year. I believe I'm seeing it slow down also a little early this year....john
  5. theriverhawk
    I leave next week for a month in Texas. Won't be harvesting until July 10th-ish. Maybe I can catch a little of the sourwood here at the end.
  6. Wilsonvillebeekeeper
    Pulled all my capped honey 2 1/2 weeks ago. Had 3 to 4 supers not capped, looked like it would just sit there. Check yesterday and they are just about all capped so something is still coming in.

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