The Swarms are here!!!

  1. nutrility21
    I've been seeing captured swarms all over the place and I finally got the call to capture my own yesterday!! They were a super docile bunch 3 feet off of the ground, what luck! Everything went smoothly, I caught the swarm, brought it home and installed it, we even managed to lure the stragglers in my car into a cup with a blob of honey in it and integrate them into the hive. Not one sting and the bees are staying in the hive. Success! After the box was empty we got to observe a clump of wax cells that had fallen off of the bees bellies from getting dropped in there, how neat!

    I may get other calls this year for bees, so be sure to let me know if you don't have bees yet and would like some, I can either catch them for you for a fee or just send the call your way and you can catch them. Happy swarming everyone!!!
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