Urban beeking

  1. markmaster
    Got an interesting proposition yesterday (no, not "that kind" of proposition -- I'm a bit old and ugly for that, anymore) .... the general manager of a hotel in Birmingham contacted me about placing hives on the rooftop of his hotel. I'm thinking it over, and will have dinner with him next week to discuss the idea. Need to do some research on urban beekeeping first, get an attorney friend to help me on liability issues, and cost out the project ..... could be fun, if nothing else.
  2. theriverhawk
    Just out of curiousity, why does he want them there?
  3. markmaster
    Curiosity -- that describes his interest. Turns out, the hotel has no full-service restaurant (so honey not needed for culinary work) and their landscaping does not include many good foraging sources for the hives -- although they are in flight distance of the Zoo and Gardens. After chatting, I convinced him to wait until either Fall or Spring before setting anything up -- if he's really interested, there are some things that need attention before the hives go in; if his interest wanes, then nothing's been invested in the project. Meanwhile, my 10 hives will keep me busy enough that I won't miss the action on the rooftop!
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