Honey Harvest

  1. tct1w
    Just wondering how everyone's harvest is going or not going. I spun 5 medium frames last Saturday but everything above the excluder wasnt fully capped. Let the group know how is your harvest. Would love to hear from everyone CU Dave
  2. dorado
    Harvested Saturday....12+ gallons from three hives. In past years I have gotten get 12-15 gallons in the spring from 2 hives. This year is a little off.
  3. tct1w
    That sounds awesome Dorado. Im waiting for mine to get capped over. Its been so wet here that they are having a hard time drying it. Dont know enough about it to dry it myself,so will let the girls do it. Hopefully extracting this weekend. CU Dave
  4. tct1w
    I had 12 capped medium frames. Extracted them and got about four gallons. Getting ready to take them to the hills for sour wood. Cu Dave
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