New package delivered

  1. markmaster
    Well, let the new season's adventures begin! I got a call at around 6:30 AM from the local PO that my BeeWeaver package had arrived -- problem was: I was already at school and, although I was able to leave and go pick up the package, I had no place to keep them until after school. I doubted if our administrators (except my wife, who is the AP here) would understand the problem ...... up steps Major Murrell, our ROTC commander and former beek! He kept my morning class long enough for me to take the package to the farm, where I put them in the barn until tomorrow morning (it's going to storm today). Major even hand-captured a few strays from my room windows and released them to the outdoors.

  2. fant214
    Good deal, I hope they do well. I started three nucs from a hive putting one queen cells last week. I have a new laying queen in one and just dropped some eggs in the others yesterday.
  3. markmaster
    Hope your nucs do well ..... I'm still at the point of learning how to 'grow bees" -- made my first split last week and will be installing the BeeWeaver package today (another first). Learning by doing!
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