Welcome to the Portland Group!!!

  1. nutrility21
    Hi there Everyone!!!
    We love our community here in Portland, and I thought we should have a space for bee keeping community too. Welcome to the group, and please tell other bee keepers in the Portland metro area.
    Feel free to post feeds about Portland bee-keeping events, places for products, places to sell honey, and any tips and tricks you have, as well as swarm information, and any useful stuff for our bee-keeping community!!

    Thanks for joining and happy day to you!!!
  2. semicoshaw
    Hi Beekeepers! I'm a young experienced New Zealand beekeeper looking for work and experience in Portland, OR or surrounding areas. Can you please message me if you have any jobs or know of anyone who does. Thanks a lot everyone! My name is Alex Howitt, I am a fit, strong, 24 year old male from New Zealand.
    I have worked for four seasons beekeeping in New Zealand. I have also recently completed one year of study with Telford - a division of Lincoln University. The Telford Certificate of Apiculture knowledge has given me a foundation in technical theory and an extensive insight into the industry that is now my passion.
    I can confidently undertake any given task, work unsupervised and I have experience managing staff. I have a heavy truck licence with over 4 years experience driving
    Please contact me if you have any positions available. I am currently traveling in South Africa but will be relocating to Portland early March.
    Alex Howitt. [email]Semicoshaw@msn.com
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