NC Masters program certification

  1. NewbeeNnc
    Has anyone started the testing journey for the certification? I would like to do this, but would like some input first.
  2. g.gill
    I took a class that was offered at the Cumberland County Ag Office. Kenny Bailey was the instructor and offered the first test/practical for the Master Beekeeper Program. It was not a difficult test if you go over the basic class handouts. The practical was a bit harder because the weather was a bit crappy for the test.

    Here is a link with some of the info covering requirements etc...

    My thoughts are that unless you are looking for title, just having the certified beekeeper cert is as far as I'd go for now.
  3. Specialkayme
    I took the certified test a few years ago. I'm interested in doing the Journeyman level, but I don't see a study guide like there is for the certified level. Anyone know if it exists?
  4. beegee
    I have passed my Master beekeeper written test and am trying to compile my public service records to get my certification. What do you want to know about the program. I am currently teaching bee classes in Greene County and will be giving the Certified level test soon. There is no study guide for the Journeyman level nor the master level. If you know it, you know it. if you don't you don't.
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