Meeting in March

  1. fant214
    Hey guys,

    I am filling out the paper work so we can meet at First Baptist Church of Columbiana. Most of the bigger/nicer rooms are booked for March 5th. What do yall think of meeting one night during the week, say a Tuesday or Thursday night? These nights should always be available, please let me know your thoughts.


    Chuck Fant
  2. fant214
    what do yall think about March 10th at 6:00 or 6:30?
  3. Wilsonvillebeekeeper
    That will work for me. Just keep us posted.

  4. Wilsonvillebeekeeper
    George has been trying to get access to the club sight and has not been appoved yet.

    He has a meeting site set up for the saturday march 5 at 6 o'clock pm. He is calling everyone he has a phone number for. Just to get us moving, Susan has the Pleasant sight baptist church on Highway 43 setup for Saturday. It is 6 Miles down hwy 43 on the left after turning off 280. (Right off 280 onto hwy43 coming from Chelsea. Left off 280 coming from Inverness.)

    Hope to have another good turn out.

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