Package vs. Nuc

  1. NWABee
    3pianists, Did you get a Nuc this year, and what did you like and not like about the two methods?
  2. Beeoncarr
    Being a total novice I have a hive with no bees. I have ordered a package with Queen but am thinking it might be better to order a Nuke. It is nice to have someone so close as the keyboard to share experiences with.
  3. debcst5823
    I located a local beekeeper and ordered 2 Carniolan nucs and have been in contact with him for 2 months now. He is going to try to deliver them to me. Other wise I can drive up to get them. I like that idea better just getting started as a new beekeeper 2 hives and will increase next year.
  4. Hogback Honey
    Hogback Honey
    Hello! I am just starting out also. Two packages of Carnis installed on April 13, 2014 and one nuc installed into a deep on April 23, 2014. Interesting how the three different hives behave. I was going to just have the two hives, but since I had the Equipment, figured I'd get a nuc from a local beekeeper.
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