good idea

  1. jlk
    Mabye this will get something started. How do you invite other people to the group?
  2. dixiebooks
    Try this link:

    I hope the link works.

    Hopefully, we can get a dozen or so Central Alabama beeks on this group. From there, we should be able to plan a meeting locally. Does that sound OK to you? I don't mind planning something myself as I have done it several times before in organizing new groups. However, the more potential members we can get involved in the process up front, the better the end result will be, I think.

  3. jlk
    sounds good to me, if you want to pull something together. I am trying to get "wilsonville beekeeper" into the group with an invite, but your link didnt work? Can you do some kind of search of the members here and "invite" locals ( surrounding countys) to the group?...JOHN
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