1. 16woodja
    Good forage. If you have a lot of options, then go for a place with lots of forage. Sweet clover, alfalfa being grown for seed, tulip poplars etc. can make the difference between bumper crops of 200 pounds or more of honey per hive and barely scraping a living. But keep in mind the bees will not only be foraging the space you own, they will be foraging the 8,000 acres around the hives.I have a question. I've found some good answers for this and I was wandering if anyone knows what the best place is for a hive.
  2. pbuhler
    That's a challenging question. There are a lot of opinions, and there are many "correct" answers. You need to decide why you want to put your bees in a particular place. Are you looking to get a special kind of honey,pollinate a crop, or help them survive and prosper so that they can produce a lot of bees and swarm which will help you expand your apiary?
    How you answer these questions will help you decide the "best" location for a hive. Mr. B
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