Questions, links, and info found - upcoming assignment.

  1. pbuhler
    Some of you need to still post questions, links, and info found. This is to demonstrate your ability to search, cut and paste text and URLs, and follow directions. As discussed, this is a graded assignment. Those of you that have already completed this assignment - I can see the dates, you're all set.
  2. pbuhler
    Our next assignment will be to become an expert in some aspect of beekeeping. This might be raising bees, queens, building hive equipment, dealing with disease(s), or predators, extracting, packaging, or marketing honey. You might be interested in using bees as pollinators and selling this service. Maybe you're interested in using bees wax in some way - lip balm, candles, etc; learn about the flowers that bees use for honey or pollen. There are lots of options. Be thinking about one topic that interests you.

    You'll be keeping your notes in a thread here and others may post helpful info as well. You may find something useful to your classmates and post to their thread as well. Your final project will be to summarize your findings in a written report, PowerPoint, or short movie, and then share this info with the class as a personal presentation. We'll be discussing this more in class. Happy New Year. Mr. B
  3. 16mcdohu
    How many posts should we have before starting?

    Partner: Dylan McDonough
    Topic: Chicken VS Bee
  4. pbuhler
    A few to show me that you are thinking, listening and using these resources to help you learn something useful.

    The chicken vs Bee thread is fun. I'd like you to choose a topic that could help you actually make some money or help you or someone else learn about some useful aspect of beekeeping.
  5. 16mcdohu
    Topic: How to Start Beekeeping
  6. pbuhler
    Great. This will be really useful if you want to start one yourself, and your notes will help others too. Mr. B
  7. 16mcdody
    How about this topic?

    Extracting honey
  8. 16mcdody
    Accually I would like to do the topic how to start beekeeping
  9. 16mcdody
    We are doing a power point or movie
  10. pbuhler
    Sounds good. Keep posting your research info to your Google doc along with the URL so you can go back to the source if you need to. Let me see your PowerPoint or movie as it develops - I think that either way will be a good way to share your findings Mr. B
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