1. 16noblli
    I had beeswax. I placed two gallons of water and wax in a stock pot and put it on a burner to cook. When the wax was all melted and there was a rolling boil I added oxylic acid. I very carefully added cup of oxylic acid to the rolling wax. I slowly added three more portions.It did start boiling large amounts of tiny bubbles. I boiled the solution. When the wax returned to a solid I poured the acid outside. Looking at the wax I could tell it was much, much cleaner that it used to be. I could tell that there was still material imbeded in the wax, because of the continuing bubbling action while the wax was cooling. I rinsed the hardened wax off in water, rinsed the stock pot out with water, and replaced two gallons of water in the stock pot along with the wax for a second bath.I carefully controlled the temperature so that the wax/water did not boil. Then I used a stainless steel ladle to dip the wax off the top and pour it through a filtering medium into bread pans.
  2. pbuhler
    Did you find out why they added oxalic acid? What is is it supposed to do to the wax? Mr. B
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