Conservation beekeeping is....

  1. bigbearomaha
    I see myself as a conservation beekeeper. My goals are to help rebuild healthy feral populations and observe their development in "natural" environments.

    My efforts include collecting swarms and cutouts that are called in to local officials. This is to give the colony a chance to succeed instead of being sprayed or otherwise killed.

    My collected swarms and cutouts are then placed into a beeyard that is located in a nature center conserved and protected forest. The hope is that the forest will provide a constant source of foraging and seclusion, thus allowing the colonies to strengthen and build strong genetic behaviors and defenses.

    Having our 'rescued' colonies swarm is a good thing for me. While many, perhaps most are re-hived and later used to make splits for placement on pollination sites, we fully anticipate seeing swarms move into the woods to further contribute to a healthy feral bee population.

    Are you a conservation beekeeper?

    Big Bear
  2. bigbearomaha
    No one else out here is interested in bee conservation?

    Not only do I take honey bees but now bumble bees and mason bees too.
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