1. pamlico
    I got my first swarm today. Head high from a pine tree. A lady called me and said she had a pine cone to move. She went to the tree and found the swarm. I am on the local swarm list in Eastern N.C.. Any one else captured a swarm yet?
  2. dorado
    I got my first swarm April 6. I looked in the box today and did not see any sign of egg laying. I was hoping to see some eggs...hope this is not a bad sign.
  3. pamlico
    I don't know if it is a bad sign or not. I thought it took about 10 days to build out the foundation and then start laying eggs. I hope we hear from others with more experience than I have concerning this matter.
  4. dorado
    I already have drawn brood comb in the box and it may need some repairs before a queen will start laying. Everybody is busy doing something like....foraging, bringing in pollen, taking sugar water and putting it into the cells. The bees are gentle and going about their business. I will put another frame of brood with eggs in later in the week when the rain is over if there are no eggs by then. Keeping fingers crossed now.
  5. tct1w
    Not being real experienced I think everything is running a little behind from what I thought it would be with the cool,rain and the wind. I made a couple of walk away splits a while back ago and should have laying queens by now. But dont. They were in the apple trees today so maybe everything will get back on track soon. Congrats on the swarm. I have a trap up and need to check it out. CU Dave
  6. dorado
    I looked into that have yesterday and saw a queen. She is not laying yet, but I saw her. It has been 10 days since I put in a frame of brood. I also heard her piping...first time i have ever heard that in my own hive.

    I picked up two other swarms last week although I think one of those is to small to be viable. I may combine it with the second swarm I got. The second swarm has been in the box three days and I saw 3-4 queens cells on the frame of brood I put into that one.

    It has been an interesting week.
  7. tct1w
    Dorado you have been having alot of fun with those swarms. I haven't had any luck yet. My wife saw one on Craigs List today,called the lady and they left five minutes before my call. Oh well. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Dave
  8. dorado
    It has bee fun this spring. My name is on a list with the county agricultural agent as a beekeeper that will retrieve swarms. Last year they had my home phone number and I would get home from work to messages that were too late respond to. I changed to my cell phone number only this year and I get the calls much quicker. All my equipment is in the truck and go after the swarm immediately.
  9. dorado
    Picked up swarm #4 yesterday. I was out of drawn comb with this one and very limited on the one before that. I thought about referring this one to someone else....but....couldn't do it. No more swarms this spring...I quit!!!
  10. tct1w
    I think I picked up my own swarm a couple of weeks ago. Got home from a bluegrass festival on Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago and the bees were going crazy. My wife spotted a swarm in a pine tree about forty feet from our hives. I guess they were mine . Got them and the queen. It was a trip. Didnt notice any reduction in the established hives but it had to come from there. Who knows. CU
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