Nectar Flow

  1. dorado
    How is this springs nectar flow in your area? I am in Eastern NC and it seems to be slower this year. I wonder if the harvest will be less or if is just running late.
  2. tct1w
    Dorado I have no idea from experience,this being just my second year. I put a super on the hives two weeks ago,last weekend checked and they were pulling wax,and today put excluders on them. They had even capped some. Finally Im seeing something from"the fruits of my labor". I was pretty pumped. Looking at the bloom dates that I have read everything is running about a week or more behind. Here in the piedmont its been a cold and wet spring,then all of a sudden the heat is on. Just got back from the local bee meeting and everyone there was expecting a better than average flow with the wet spring. Hope everyone is right. Take care
  3. Little John_NC
    Little John_NC
    Yup the flow on here combs turning white . I got one hive for honey production. Its got 3 full super of honey 1 is capped. Poplar putting out here in Anson county. Black berry just starting....Lookin good so far. Im splitting off more nucs raising more queens from my other hives. Hope we get a good summer flow this season bees are going to need it.....John
  4. tct1w
    Being the first year I am was thinking maybe some more capped by now. One super on each hive now working on the second. Is the queen excluder really a honey excluder? Im sure some, but a lot of foragers above the excluder's. Working good CU Dave
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