MS Beekeeping Assoc. offering 50% cost share (up to $180) for new beekeepers

  1. angusbangus
    MS Beekeeping Assoc. offering 50% cost share (up to $180) for new beekeepers.

    Download Application for Assistance.

    (1) reside in MS
    (2) hives also reside in Mississippi
    (3) applicants can't have established colonies
    (4) immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents) can have established colonies

    Need written proof of purchase:
    (1) equipment for 2 hives or
    (2) protective gear/essential equip at equivalent cost to the hives ($360 for two established hives).

    Hive defined as follows: bottom board/top cover, 2 brood chambers w/ 2 IL supers, 3 shallow supers, or 1 deep super above the brood chambers, including installed packaged bees or nucleus hive.
  2. bwhitecpa
    I have recently gotten one of my relatives interested in Beekeeping and I think he may qualify for this. The only issue I see is that I ordered the equipment for him back in August/September in anticipation for the Spring 2014.

    The equipment order is in my name, but I can show that proof of purchase as well as his reimbursement check to me and the equipment residing at his house.

    Will this be ok or do you think the initial order being in my name will cause an issue?
  3. angusbangus
    I think the spirit is met. If I were y'all, I'd just write him a receipt for the equipment and he can turn in that and his cancelled check. It's $180 rebate if you spend $360... so he may want to go get a bit more gear, too (or bees).

    Good luck.
  4. wbjdmd
    Is this offer still available from ms beekeepers? Would be awesome if so!
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