Honey Hive Farms, Get to know us.

  1. Honey Hive Farms
    Honey Hive Farms is a bee / honey farm in Missouri and I am the owner. At 45 years old I am retired from fixing a lot of foreclosures in Arizona and Tornado damage in the Midwest.
    I do bees because I choose to not because I have to and love keeping bees. The bees really relax me and I like the challenges of making the hives stronger each year.
    Our farm does help a lot of new beekeepers so it does open us up to some negative talk as if they fail it is true we have failed them in some way. This is why we offer a hands on beekeeping class, raise and sell only the best bees we can and offer support through the years.
    Honey Hive Farms raises bees, produces honey, sells beekeeping supplies, manufactures tools and wood ware, etc.
    We are here to help you if you need it, no pressure from us. Wish you well.
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