Bee Yard Inspection 3-12-10

  1. fhlowrimore
    All hives Wintered well. Feed syrup November, January , February. Feed grease patties in January. Feed Honey-Bee-healthy and Fumagilin B, January & February. 3-12-10 Installed AJ Beetle traps (2 in each hive under Queen Excluder), also installed frame with Mike Hood trap in each top brood box. I am planning on rotating brood soon (80+ temp.). All hives very active. I saw plenty of pollen and even some new comb. I am going to leave entrance reducer on 3" x 1/4 due to small hive beetle control by the bees. It want be long before adding boxes and frame inspection. I hope to all a good Season , Henry.
  2. beekeepinglady~SC
    Hey Henry, glad your bees are doing good. Mine are also doing great this year so far it looks like it's going to be a good honey flow here in the upstate. keep us updated. Anna
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