Need GA Beeks!!

  1. Bizzybee
    Trying to start up a group here on the source for GA Beeks. We need beeks first of all!!

    I've swiped a copy of the GA Tech logo for now, so the first thing on the agenda will be to get a logo for ourselves.

    Will you join us?!
  2. Bizzybee
    Sweet! I got the GABKA logo from Bill Owens. What do you think?
  3. rw3212
    I'm here maybe some others will make it. This logo looks fine.
  4. GaSteve
    I made it in although it took me a bit to find the join button.
  5. Bizzybee
    This section is new to me too.

    I know we have quite a few ga beeks here, maybe they'll come along some time.

    I know were Denny and Ron are at. I think you're somewhere close I think Steve? I'm in Loganville.
  6. samuri0027
    Sounds like a great idea, Im here in southeast GA. Will let others know to join.
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