What is happening in your hives

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  1. lupester
    I work in South Forth Worth and the Brandford Pears just busted wide open today. Now that the trees are starting to bloom do we keep the pollen substitute on?
  2. Kingfisher Apiaries
    The ornamental pears are busted wide open here. Also wild plums.
  3. Flyman
    I would. Not enough early pollen. Let then catch up a little and they will probably stop taking the sub.
  4. applebwoi
    Kingfisher, where is Gilmer, TX? I just moved some of my hives to the country and was told that there were wild plums along the creek so I may need to go out and look around to see what is blooming. However, the Bradford Pears haven't bloomed here in Amarillo yet, but the buds are swelling up with the warmer weather. Hopefully they'll pop in a week or so.
  5. lupester
    My peach trees are about to bloom! Does anyone know when the pecan trees bloom and are they good for the bees in terms of nectar?
  6. Kingfisher Apiaries
    Gilmer- North of longview.
  7. Flyman
    Lupester....Pecans are wind pollinated and do not require bees. They may gather a little pollen from them, but I have never seen them. Also, they don't produce nectar, at least for bees. Total bust for a bee crop.
  8. lupester
    Bummer, this snow is not good for my honey crop either. I think this is 4 snows so far this winter.
  9. lupester
    As of yesterday my girls are now flying with a mission. Plenty of pollen coming in now, must be a flow on something cause they ain't slowing down not even to mess with me.
  10. Kingfisher Apiaries
    The flow is heavy over here. What about yall?
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