1. USCBeeMan
    Have any of ya'll heard about TAEP? I plan on applying this year for a grant. Have to be in your 3rd year of beekeeping to apply plus a few other requirements.
  2. G3farms
    Have you heard anything about upcoming master beekeeper courses you need to have before you can apply??

    I have called and left messages and sent emails to Dr. Skinner but have not heard anything back.
  3. USCBeeMan
    Call and talk to his secretary/assistant. She is the person that helped me last year. If you do not attend the course you can still use TAEP but can only get something like a 25 or 30% payment back from TN Ag dept.
  4. dixiebooks
    I'd like to see the Master Beekeeper's course come to Kingsport. I've spoken with the UT rep at the Kingsport Center for Higher Education and she has been in contact with the appropriate folks. It would be 2011 before anything could be scheduled. -james
  5. G3farms
    I think they had one earlier this year in Johnson City. I was able to attend the one in Knoxville last month and it was OK, I thought it would be a little more advanced than it was. Dr. Skinner, Michael Wilson and one other student did a fine job with lots of info. The class ranged from some that had just gotten bees to a couple of old heads. Mike Studer the state apiarist was also there to answer any questions.

    I was told to keep looking on their website for any future updates, and maybe a queen rearing class to come. The future classes will be on a first come first served basis, no waiting list next time. Our class had about 50 people wanting to take it and only 25 showed up, Dr. Skinner was a little upset about it.

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