Greetings fellow south carolinians

  1. downthehill
    My name is Andrew Payne. I live on Wadmalaw Island, near Charleston. I manage a hobby farm that includes an apiary of about 10 hives currently and plan to expand to 40 hives this Spring.

    I would like to recommend that my local beekeeping association members join this group and see if we can build this baby. What do you think?
  2. Anna Knighton
    Anna Knighton
    I think this will be a great thing. Sure hope our other SC beekeepers will join in.
  3. fhlowrimore
    To all beekeepers,my name is Henry Lowrimore. I live in Georgetown . It is a good idea that this group should build up ,THANKS.
  4. USCBeeMan
    Hi everyone. I created this community for SC because there wasn't one yet. I am from SC and love my home state though I now call TN home. I was hoping that people from SC would see it and join so that I could hear about bees and beeking in SC.

    I only knew 1 beek in SC and he pollinated a friend of mine's truck farm in Calhoun County. My friend died some years back so I doubt that the beek is still using the fields for pollination and honey.
  5. fhlowrimore
    I inspected each of my hives on 01-16-10. Found 4 hives low on stored honey. I started feeding them sugar water then , also put a grease patty on each hive. Inspected hives again on 02-15-10 . Started Fumagilin-B,Honey B Healthy sugar syrup to all my hives temperture was 59 when I installed the syrup bags. The Bees seemed to like the syrup well. I am still making equipmemt for this year. Hope this year to be good to our Bees . THANKS , Henry .
  6. perriwa
    Hello fellow SC bee keepers. I found this page while looking for fondant to feed my bees. I'm from Gray Court, SC and currently have 12 full hives and 4 nucs, hoping to turn them into full around March. There has been a concerted effort to generate more interest with keeping bees and we started our local club in Laurens last June. We are currently sitting at 47 members and just completed our 2nd certification class. The state association is making headway and if you look at the current page you will see a lot of local clubs ( Hope to see more conversation on here soon.
  7. fhlowrimore
    Welcome and Merry Christmas to the South Carolina Beekeepers site. We had a very mild winter in 2011 with an early spring and no late frost in my area of Georgetown. I had 18 hives going into spring. Today I have 27 hives. I bought 4 VSH Spartan Queens last fall and have on order a VSH Allegro Breeder Queen to be delivered to me in April or May 2013. I will produce open-mated queens which will be for sale in spring of 2014. I will retire from 33 years of shift work on March 31, 2014. Here is the link to my web page
    Henry Lowrimore
  8. Lazer128
    Happy New Year to everyone!

    I am a bee newbie in the Table Rock area. I have ordered 2 packages of bees for a March 30th pickup. I have so much to learn and a ton of things to do before they arrive. I am in an area with bears and this complicates it for me. I have not even decided where to place the hives. I have so little sun in this heavily wooded area. Once I learn enough about where to situate the boxes, then I need to erect an electric fence. Anyone qualified to be my mentor? lol I'd love to have someone nearby give me some advice.

    I'm excited about bee keeping and look forward to Spring!
  9. fhlowrimore
    Welcome, Lazer128
    Find and join a local bee keeper association even if you have to drive 60 plus miles one way.
    Watch youtube bee keeping videos
    Have your bee yard and bee stand ready for March with complete hive box, brood box, frames, bottom board,inner cover, feeders, sugar syrup, outer cover.
    Here is some thing you can try to keep your bee's safe
    Welcome to bee keeping, Henry Lowrimore
  10. BuckH
    Hi Everyone,
    I am located in the Hampton County, SC and currently keep 9 hives with plans to expand to 20 by the end of summer. There are a number of local hobby beekeepers but not much information passed about. My brother has had bees for probably 20 years of so and he provides me with much advice, otherwise it is read and learn.
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