Care of colonies wintering in walls

  1. bigbearomaha
    As a conservation bee technician, I have and I am sure will have more, colonies that stay in a residents wall or part of a building over the winter. This can be a result of someone calling me to have a colony removed too late in the season to make it once re-hived.

    Big Bear
  2. bigbearomaha
    I would like to get a few ideas out and maybe some kind of consensus on a suitable manner of caring for bees in a wall till they can be cut out.

    My plan for a hive I have in this situation currently: Called in late October, resident agreed to let them stay overwinter in the wall. They had been in place approx two or three weeks at that point.

    Fed them a 5 gal. bucket of 2:1 syrup from driveway location at that time. No way to see inside the hive, entrance observations only.

    My plan is to place a pollen patty within 12 inches from entrance and to place a 5 gal pail of 1:1 syrup in march as soon as temps allow.

    Question, entrance is over garage roof with about 2 foot of shingles immediately below entrance.

    Is it worth pouring dry sugar immediately in front of entrance on shingles for them to try to take advantage of before march?
    avg area temps range -10 in Jan lows to 45-ish Late March highs.

    Big Bear
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