Local wooden ware

  1. kejramer
    I am new one hive. Are other suppliers/retailers of wooden ware? If I need frames or bodies at the last min. where do I go? I heard that there may be someone in Walnut Cove. I live in Kernersville. I know that I can order from Brushy Mt but some times I want just go and pick it up. Looking for shorter drive.
  2. heaflaw
    I always buy from Brushy Mtn & don't know about Kernersville area. But, be aware that different makers of woodenware often make them differently. An 8th of an inch can make a big difference in propolis and burr comb making. My advice to someone starting out is to get all your woodenware from the same source so that it will all be interchangable. I have had to spend a lot of time modifing woodenware that I got from other sources.
  3. tct1w
    Bee-Aware in Walnut Cove I dont have his number handy but call info and get Darryl Hampton Trophy Shop . Same fellow. Great guy. CU Dave
  4. Skinner Apiaries
    Old Fort has a guy that cuts his own out. The boxes are rabbets, and he makes the frames too. Good gear from what I've seen, haven't bought any. I think his boxes were cypress. There's a guy on here who buys from him maybe he'll chime in..
  5. Kazzandra
    Orr Bee Supply is in Old Fort. They are (mostly) cheaper than Brushy Mountain. They have excellent equipment. I will post some pics of my Orr hive after I have throughly vetted it. The bees have been in it for about a week.
  6. FunnyBugBees
    We do. Not sure if im allowed to post in here, but im in Kinston NC.
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