Hey, we need people to join.

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  1. Bradley_Bee
    I really don't care if your from southern california, northern, mid , or anywhere in the united states. come and join!
  2. Tuttle
    Where abouts in Southern California is everyone? I am all the way at the bottom in the Imperial Valley, it's right by Mexico (Mexicalli) and Yuma Arizona.
  3. ccar2000
    I am in the High Desert, Antelope Valley (3,000'). Just making it through my first winter. I started two nucs in September. So far, things are going well!
  4. Jerry Kinder
    Jerry Kinder
    I am in Hacienda Heights, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles. Have 3 backyard hives and am looking for one more swarm for a topbar hive I built.
  5. newbkeeper
    Im in Fontana but will have my hives located in West Covina. Is there anyone close by that I can learn from?
  6. Atomic
    Hi there,
    I'm in Ventura, about an hour north of LA. I haven't started beekeeping yet, but I'm very interested and trying to do my homework before jumping into things. Much thanks for all those contributing to make it easy for new beeks.
  7. M.S.
    Norcal here.

    I happened to be in Fontana at the Swift Trucking yard about 5 years ago. They were having a problem with swarms in a brick wall and around the tanks under ground in fuel island at the time. If anyone is interested, it might be worth it to give them a call and see if they're still around. They have a station with guards, They may not let any one in with out an appointment.

    They have two yards there, its the one next to Schneider.
  8. bhfury
    I'm from Bakersfield...
  9. TheRatLover
    HI! I'm from San Diego, CA. I just placed my two nucs into their hives last Saturday. Both seem to be increasing in strength, but I have yet to explore their frames for more than just the queen. - Lori
  10. TheRatLover
    For those if us with great weather, do we take out the plastic linings (drawers) of the varroa screened bottom boards? Seems to be lots of controversy on this one issue. Some from colder areas say they never use it all year round. That doesn't sound right....hmm.... -Lori
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